Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York City - Day 1

Set foot towards The Big Apple today for a 4 day school trip. We had lot's of things planned for the week such as a view of the city, NY Yankee's game, Broadway shows, and a cruise around Manhattan. I thought i would make a daily blog on my very first Journey to New York City, and The United States. Enjoy!

almost there...

NYC skyline

not too sure what to say about this one

pedestrians making do with what they got

busy streets of New York City

Chaos in Time Square

Headed up to the "Top of the Rocks" nd got a good view of the Empire State Building

A nice view of "The Big Apple" form the top of the Rockafella Centre

New York City Nightlife

Although this is the city that never sleeps, It's time for me to get some rest and see what The Big Apple has in store for us tomorrow! Stay tuned

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring 2011

Spring has finally arrived, and the we finally got our first day with some nice weather! I really wanted to make this season count so I decided to call up a few buddies and go shoot some photo's as soon as possible! Really not too much went on, just a fun little sesh to kick Spring 2011 off. Take a look for yourself.

Evan Thomson, Ollie

The day wasn't going right for Justin....

Pissed off his older brother rolled away with the ollie before he did.

So in return, Evan decided to do it again, this time with a different angle.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thanks Mike Kaz!

Finally some good news. Just got the word that my friend Mike has got some Pocket Wizards coming his way! He offered me to buy his Flash triggers, 1 transmitter and 3 receivers! This means I'm am going to have a lot more blogs come with photo's! So stay tuned. Take a look at Mikes blog to while you're at it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Ward

Made a short little trip to the Ward today and got some quick snaps. Hoping to show up ready to shoot with some off camera flashes, my camera had something else on its mind and decided not to cooperate.

Dillon Flemming, 360 Flip, I'm aware i should have been on the other side (courtesy to Daltons filming)

That's what you get for getting mad...

I was hoping someone could explain to me how a picture of a Bs Tail on the across hubba exposes like this with 1 SB-600 flash to the right side of the picture

28 tries later, Andrew rolls away with a Crail grab down the step-up.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Just to get the season off to start, I though i would post some of my old photo's from a few years back before I even got really interested in photography

Evan Thomson, Tail tap shifty

Zach Ready, Fs Lip

End of a not so exciting season...

Looks like the seasons are finally starting to change, and snowboarding is going to take over for a little while. Other than indoor parks photos, I don't think I'm going to be posting many skate pictures for a little while. I was debating on making a seperate blog for my Snowboarding photo's but that just seems like too much work, so be expecting some as soon and the snow hits hard!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lords Of The Ward

Today, The Ward Skatepark celebrated Lords of the Ward 2010. Lots of hardcore skating went down, and even the Canadian Circa team came to support the contest. Big congrats to Carter Grandin for winning first place in the 12 & under division, and Jon Cos for winning 13-16 years age group. Unfortunatly for me I didn't get too many photos due to technical difficulties. But here are some that turned out.

Aaron Jacob, Kickflip

Brandon Davison, Noseslide

360 Flip

Ryan Warrington, 360 flip